Slide 1 Smart City Platform for Small Cities Request Demo Varidx designs and deploys smart cities technology that helps small cities and towns efficiently, and cost-effectively improve community services and support for valued citizens, businesses, and government agencies.

Varidx Smart City Platform is a unified, single pane dashboard that city governments, residents, and community members can easily access to view city operations, events, and activities – all in one place. The platform aggregates data from a wide variety of sources including; databases, electronic sensors, cameras, and external sources such as weather data, and public safety alerts.

Why Varidx

Integrated management solution

The Varidx Smart City Platform dashboard provides up-to-the-minute information about buildings, parks, streets, and city operations. Giving city managers and staff one destination to conveniently, and cost efficiently manage city operations and assets, community resources, and provide real-time information services across your city and community.

Community safety and security

Real-time analytics and automated alerts offer instant information to city staff and community members that helps reduce accidents, better manage crisis situations, and improve emergency response time.


Remote management and alerts reduce unnecessary staff trips to facilities, and helps residents avoid unsafe situations and unnecessary travel - contributing to greener, more sustainable communities.

Return on investment

The Varidx Smart City Platform improves city operations and saves tax dollars, while providing insights cities can use to increase safety, enhance communications, improve mobility, and drive economic growth.

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The single pane of glass displays status from different buildings, parks, streets in the city. Managers and staff have one destination to view and manage smart infrastructure.


Unified dashboard

Automated, remote management

Real-time insights and alerts

Predictive analytics

Data sharing

Data Security

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Customized solution

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