Unified Dashboard - Features

Unified Dashboard

The Varidx Smart City Platform gathers and analyzes data from a variety of data sources, smart devices, cameras and IoT sensors and displays it on a single dashboard. The Varidx dashboard helps city staff better manage facilities, parks, streets, public services, events, and adverse weather conditions. The platform also provides residents with convenient, remote access to important city and community information.

Data Management

Varidx Smart City Platform is data agnostic, and easily collects, analyzes, and displays information from a wide range of data source. Enabling you to choose sensors, cameras, and data sources that best meet the specific requirements of your community.

Data Management - Varidx
Small City Focus

Small City Focus

Varidx Smart Cities platform offers real-time monitoring and management of vital data from multiple city operations and data sources. It provides all the benefits of today’s latest technology at a cost that fits today’s small city budgets.

Smart Parks

Varidx Smart City Platform integrates data from soil moisture sensors, flood sensors and occupancy sensors with leading edge industrial controls and IT automation to deliver alerts and information for administrators, staff, and residents to view conditions at parks, ballfields, and other outdoor facilities.

Smart Parks - Varidx
Safe Buildings - Varidx

Safe Buildings

Varidx has partnered with BluePoint Alert to provide an industry leading, affordable Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS) that instantly notifies emergency responders and building occupants of an emergency situation, expedites a rapid response, and empowers people to make more informed decisions faster to save lives.

Smart Utilities

Varidx Smart City Platform provides cloud-based information technology that helps public and private utility service providers enhance customer engagement, increase efficiency of daily operations, and create consumer value through advanced data analytics.

Smart Utilities - Varidx
Smart Transportation - varidx

Smart Transportation

Varidx uses new and emerging technologies to monitor, evaluate, and manage transportation systems including streets, parking facilities, and public transit, in order to make moving around a city more convenient, cost efficient and safer for citizens and community members.